Who is BGPnetwork?
ANBA Group was founded in 1985 and since then it has been making news about investments and projects in Turkey. BGPnetwork, a subsidiary of ANBA Group, was established in 2015. Sharing the world's, especially Middle East, America and Europe then Asia and Africa important construction projects in details and reports with its companies has been the main aim of BGPnetwork. The information which is given to companies details includes all necessary data of main contractors, developers, architects, engineering & project management, structural design, mechanical design, electrical design, building audit, start date and completion date, built up area, land area, projects status, location and estimated total project value. It is worth mentioning that the minimum investment budget of all projects must be over 20 million dollars to be included in our database.
In our system, there are 10 different categories which are named as Residential, Health, Hospitality, Education & Culture & Sports, Infrastructure, Transport & Communication, Power & Oil & Gas, Commercial Building, Mixed Use and Administration Building.
Residential Residence project, villa projects, home-office projects, mixed use projects, collective housing projects
Hospitality Hotel projects, apart hotel projects, holiday village projects
Health Hospital projects, retirement home projects, research institute hospital projects, healthcare campus projects, medical city projects
Education&Culture&Sports University projects, school projects, dormitory projects, student housing projects, amusement park projects, theme park projects, convention center projects, exhibition area projects, performance center projects, art center projects, museum projects, library projects, religious construction projects, sports complex projects, stadium projects
Infrastructure Potable water projects, sewage projects, refining projects, landscaping projects
Administration Public building projects
Commercial Mall projects, office projects, factory projects, business center projects, financial center projects
Transport&Communication Road projects, bridge projects, airport projects, railway projects, station projects, port projects
Power&Oil&Gas Windpower plant projects - WPP, hydroelectric power plant projects - HPP, dam projects, solar energy plant projects, geothermal power plant projects, nuclear power plant projects, rafinery projects, oil and gas processing plants projects, LNG (liquified natural gas) facilities projects, pipeline projects, mining facilities projects, thermal power plant projects, natural gas cycle plant projects