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19,884 +


Explore international construction companies and their ongoing and completed projects

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Access project managers and make offers directly to shot-callers

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You can monitor the construction projects and be aware of any changes

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Examine construction projects of all phases and gain competitive advantage over information superiority

Benefits of BGPnetwork

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Spare Time

Minimize the labor costs and time costs devoted to conducting market research. Create revenue growth opportunities by focusing your project monitoring resources on your marketing efforts.

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Ease of Access

BGPnetwork provides ease of access to its users in several fields. With advanced search and filtering parameters, users can quickly find their preferred choice among thousands of projects. In addition to that, Customer Representatives are accessible during working hours with pace.

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Save up from budget

Take advantage of data-driven decision-making model with 36 years of experience and knowledge accumulated from primary sources. Control risks by reducing costs such as advertising, marketing, market research, trade shows and business travels.

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Access projects

Get fast access to the construction industry's pioneer companies and authorized person information. Analyze constantly updated projects, make accurate forecasts and allocate budget and conduct strategies with a holistic perspective.

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Sustainable Competitive Edge

Gain information advantage over your competitors with leveraging BGPnetwork attirubutes. Follow the projects that are updated step by step and strengthen sales activities by discovering opportunities before your competitors. Gain competitive advantage by examining future projects.

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Market and Competitor Advantage

Follow and comprehend the dynamics of the construction industry closely. Take a look at your competitors' important projects, create industry statistics by analyzing past and future trends. Optimize your holistic marketing strategy by having top-notch construction industry reports.

America - 3598 - Projects
Europe - 5109 - Projects
Asia - 1926 - Projects
Africa - 629 - Projects
Middle East - 2451 - Projects
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Features Of BGPnetwork

  • Weekly bulletin
  • Detailed project search
  • Global reach
  • Agenda
  • User tracking system
  • Set reminder for projects
  • Set reminder for construction firms
  • Add notes to projects
  • Add notes to firms
  • Peer-to-peer communication lane
  • Favorite project list
  • Favorite firm list
  • Employee Status Tracking System
  • After sales services
  • Chance to air on İnşaat & Yatırım
  • Feedback Service

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