Efficiency and Digitalization

BGPnetwork’s value proposition build up on two foundations on the principles of "Efficiency and Digitalization". Users can accelerate their company's R&D and field studies by optimizing accurate information and reduce costs, and eliminate invisible opportunity costs. In addtion to that users can focus the budget and manpower allocated for field studies on projects that can create added value in different ways such as marketing and sales efforts. If a comnpany decides to benefit from BGPnetwork advantages in their operations, their company will take a strong step towards their company's digital transformation goals. In addition to that; users can work up to 46% more efficiently and gain a sustainable competitive advantage than competitors who take the digitalization step in the construction sector by incorporating many different resources such as data-oriented decision making and industry reporting.

Knowledge Superiority and Holistic Marketing Strategy

BGPnetwork aims to provide its users with a comprehensive view in the construction industry by conducting its research on a global scale. It provides data flow especially in the Middle East, America and Europe regions, but also makes valuable information accessible to its users in the African and Asian regions. In this way, companies can analyze the general distribution strategies of their competitors in the international market and make consistent predictions by closely following the dynamics of the construction industry.

Constantly Updating Data Bank

BGPnetwork regularly updates the construction projects in the platform. In addition, more than 350 new construction projects are added to the system monthly bases. As the number of construction projects on the platform increases, the information of construction companies and authorized persons increases in accordance.

Enhanced Corporate Relations with the International Construction Industry

In order to communicate with construction companies abroad and to expand your corporate network users can leverage the "companies" menu on the BGPnetwork platform; so that they can leverage the company authorized information in order to communicate directly with companies that are likely to have business agreements with their company. Subscribers can also use the parameters of contractors, developers, architects, engineering and project management, static design, mechanical design, electrical project and building control solution partners. BGPnetwork users, varying according to the projects, according to the company authorized information; can display the name, surname, phone number, e-mail address, office address and position of the person in the company and create the opportunity to communicate directly.

Accessible Support

BGPnetwork connects its users through digital channels. Nevertheless, it emphasizes the importance of keeping the direct communication channels open and stable with its users. For example; If a user can’t find a construction project that they want to examine in the database, they have the opportunity to express your request by making a request from our feedback button. In line with their request, our experts will reach you and learn the needs of that company. Our experts, who make the necessary research about the project, will do a call-back with accurate and up-to-date findings as soon as possible.