Categories in BGPnetwork

BGPnetwork divides it's construction projects by 10 categories in order to faciliate the user experience for targeting projects in accordance to their company goals. Categories are determined with respect to their industry, up on completation.
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Housing Projects

Residence projects, villa projects, home-office projects, mixed use projects, mass housing projects

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Tourism Projects

Hotel projects, apart hotel projects, holiday village projects

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Health Projects

Hospital projects, nursing home projects, training & research hospital projects, health campus projects

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Infrastructure Projects

Drinking water projects, sewage projects, treatment projects, landscaping projects

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Administrative Projects

Goverment, Public Complex Projects

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Commercial Projects

Shopping center projects, office projects, factory projects, business center projects, financial center projects

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Transportation & Communication Projects

Road projects, bridge projects, airport projects, rail system projects, port projects

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Mixed-Use Projects

Mixed-Use Projects

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&Sports Projects

University projects, school projects, dormitory projects, student housing projects, amusement park projects, theme park projects, convention center projects, exhibition area projects, performance center projects, art center projects, museum projects, library projects, religious construction projects, sports complex projects, stadium projects

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Power&Oil&Gas Projects

Windpower plant projects - WPP, hydroelectric power plant projects - HPP, dam projects, solar energy plant projects, geothermal power plant projects, nuclear power plant projects, rafinery projects, oil and gas processing plants projects, LNG (liquified natural gas) facilities projects, pipeline projects, mining facilities projects, thermal power plant projects, natural gas cycle plant projects

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What are solutions partners and their attributes on construction projects?

Solution partners are consist of companies that are responsible for; construction, drawing, application and consultancy in projects. You can view Solution partners within BGPnetwork as; both below the project details page and on the company page. Solution partners consists of 10 different categories: developer, contractor, architect, engineering and project management, static project, mechanical project / contracting, electrical project / contracting, interior designer, landscape architect and building supervision. In order to speed up the bidding process for construction projects, BGPnetwork shares the solution partners of the project and the contact information of the authorized person or the project manager.


•Companies that provide the collateral financial resources required for the realization of construction projects.

•BGPnetwork is not only limited to construction companies as developers, at the same time it includes city municipalities and social organizations for the developer category.


•The contractor coordinates the entire construction process of the construction from start to finish. Hires all the employees required for the project. It supervises the timely planning and execution of inspections.

•BGPnetwork contributes at least one contractor link to ongoing construction projects within the solution partner section below the project details.


• Architect is the professional title given to those responsible for designing new buildings, restoring old buildings and developing new ways of using existing buildings. The architect is involved in construction projects from the initial stage to the completion stage.

• In the projects you will discover in BGPnetwork, users can refer to the company profile to find out the past jobs of the architects or their roles in different projects.

Interior design

•The interior design makes the interior functional, safe and beautiful by determining the space requirements and choosing decorative items such as color and lighting. Makes the interior designs, efficient and aesthetic arrangements of the buildings.

• You can view the Interior Design responsible for the project in the solution partners section of the ongoing and planned construction projects on the BGPnetwork platform.

Landscape design

• Landscape design; It is the professional title given to those responsible for planning and designing parks, social facilities, private properties, campuses and other open areas.

•If you include the Architect category in your BGPnetwork membership package, you can also access the company profiles of Landscape Design.

Electrical Design/Contracting

•Organizations that provide all services such as weak current systems, medium voltage works, low voltage works, electrical installation installation and consultancy are called Electricity Design Contracting companies.

• You can add the add category to the modular package specially created for your company to view the Electricity Design Contracting companies in BGpnetwork.

Structural Design

• Structural design are prepared and implemented by static project companies that have an authorization certificate from the Chamber of Civil Engineers.

• BGPnetwork increases the speed of reaching the target audience by categorizing the companies that undertake Structural Design works in order to facilitate the creation of job opportunities for its users.

Mechanical Design/ Contracting

• Mechanical Design / Contracting companies; They are the companies that undertake the works and operations such as heating, cooling, ventilation and waste water discharge of buildings.

• If you include Mechanical Design / Contracting companies in the modular package you will create in BGPnetwork; You can directly contact with the project, application and consultants and submit a proposal.

Engineering-Project Management

• Companies that carry out project management and engineering works in construction projects.

• In BGPnetwork, you can add the company category to your modular package to view Engineering Project Management companies and their contact information and create job opportunities.

What are the key benefits of leveraging BGPnetwork?

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1 Research

Market Research

BGPnetwork allows it’s users to analyze the environment and competitors thanks to the information of construction projects and solution partners that are constantly updated on the platform in certain periods. Companies that keep the pulse of the construction industry with a holistic perspective can perform consistent analyzes by planning their long-term marketing and operation strategies using data-driven decision-making techniques.

2 Holistic Perspective

Access the international construction projects and companies

By subscribing to BGPnetwork, you can be in close contact with construction projects and international construction companies in 5 regions and more than 120 countries on a global scale, and expand your professional relations, instead of accessing projects in just a few regions and countries. You can create the opportunity to communicate directly with international brands by exploring the key contacts provided by BGPnetwork at the details section. Such as the responsible person's title, name, surname, e-mail and phone number in the company profiles.

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3 Marketing

Marketing Automation

Campanies who are member of BGPnwtwork can access the primary source database of BGPnetwork by activating the "data transfer" features of their membership to facilitate data transfer to CRM software that is currently being implemented by SMEs or large-scale companies or whose operations are part of the digitalization process.

4 Sales

Strengthen the Export Levels

BGPnetwork; enables its users to gain a trump and competitive advantage in the international market. It opens the door for international construction companies to examine their current and past investments and to create new opportunities for their own organizations. BGPnetwork, is here for the growth and strengthening of the Local Export Industry; It enables local suppliers and producers to introduce their products in the international market and to offer them. Nevertheless all international companies can benefit from BGPnetwork and it can be their international leverage to increase your company's export levels.

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