Construction Project’s Phases

Besides from Current Construction Projects and planned Construction Projects with the requirement of over 10 Million Dollars, BGPnetwork also includes completed and pending projects; You can access the project archive devoted to the Construction Phase, and perform analysis based on historical data. By integrating authenticated information from primary sources into your R&D studies, you can strengthen or accelerate your data-driven decision-making functions.

Modular Structure and Categorization

BGPnetwork construction projects information platform; offers its users construction projects in 10 different categories; residence, commercial building, tourism, health, education-culture-sports, energy-oil-gas, transportation-communication, administrative, infrastructure and mixed-use. BGPnetwork, which has a modular structure, provides its users with a modular structure that allows its users to choose the categories they want to display in line with companies’ strategy, in line with their goals. Hence users can create their own package in a format that meets their corporate goals.

Time Efficiency and Better Allocation of Resources

BGPnetwrok accelerates the project search, finding, verification and validity test processes by 180%, making it possible for users to transfer the valuable resources to allocate for competitor and market research to different departments such as sales and marketing. BGPnetwork provides flexibility to organizations by enabling member firms to increase their level of control over the distribution of resources in their operations. You can create a competitive advantage or equalize the field by gaining flexibility and control in the construction industry with agile dynamics.

Marketing Automation

If you add the "data transfer" function to your modular package that you have created in line with your needs, we can obtain the data contained in the platform in a compact way and integrate it into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program to strengthen your marketing automation activities.