Experience BGPnetwork. Try it!

To discover BGPnetwork; It is enough for your company representative to request a free trial by filling out the form at BGPNetwork Online Demo.. In addition, company officials can request a meeting with our customer representatives by dialing 0 (850) 300 30 60 and use the demo accounts that will be specially created for them. Demo accounts will be active for users to review the platform for 5 days. During this period, candidates can make virtual calls with our customer representatives in order to get in-depth acknowledgment about the platform.

Request a Free Trial by Web

Companies that want to get more information about BGPnetwork and other ANBA Yayın Grubu initiatives, can schecule an appointment request to conduct interviews in a face-toface environment. Use the link; <a href="www.bgpnetwork.com/Home/Demo">www.bgpnetwork.com/Home/Demo</a>

Creating a Customized Bundle for Each Company

Companies can choose a package that they can tailor in to their needs in order to approach their company goals. BGPnetwork is built on a modular structure so users can arrange to view their packages as their best fitting, they can choose the bundle attributes by using parameters such as; region, number of users and company category. In line with the package they have created, BGPnetwork will direct the company a special price offer. You can find membership packages at<a href="bgpnetwork.com/Uye-Ol"> bgpnetwork.com/Uye-Ol</a>.

Duration of Membership

When companies decide to benefit from BGPnetwork advantages towards their digitalization goals, membership is least for a 1-year agreement or/and added month / year to their packages.

Payment Methods

In order to complete payments after the companies' membership decision and package selection; There are options of; money order, credit card or cash payment options. For companies that want to choose a credit card, there are 6 installments with contracted credit cards, regardless of maturity.